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Tips For Changing Diapers

Every expectant parent should at some time believe in. If the little one is born, diapers should frequently be changed go. Many parents, especially men, can see it. But with these tips below the worst bowel movement a breeze.

Especially in the first few months after the birth of the babysit you at six, sometimes up to 10 diapers a day. If the baby is primarily breastfeeding, several dirty diapers are not uncommon. Unfortunately, we can change the bad air of a bowel movement nothing but a little preparation for changing a diaper, it makes a lot easier. It’s recommended to opt for cloth diaper.

Tips for changing diaper

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Before you go changing your baby, you’re recording stuff done that you need. These are:

  • clean diaper
  • diaper wipes
  • Zinc ointment / cream do
  • Romper (with possibly dirty romper)
  • Bowl of water with hydrophilic washcloth (for a possible larger bowel movement)
  • diaper bag

Put these items in a place which you are easily at your child but can not. Now you’re well prepared for a quick change of your baby.

Changing your child pee diaper

Lay your baby on a firm flat but not too hard surface, such as a changing mat. At a height, that is comfortable for you. Put your child on his side to you. Now pull the clothes of the probe body, and make the romper loose.

Make the diaper free, the legs and hit spread the diaper down and leave the baby with the buttocks on the diaper. Make your child clean with a damp cloth from front to back. Remember in boys not forget to clean under the penis. Put the dirty towel into the liner.Til your child for a brief moment on the feet to remove the dirty diaper and lay the new diaper under the buttocks. Now close the diaper again. Remember a little boy not first to align the penis downward.

Changing your baby poo diaper

A bowel movement requires a little more skill. Put the baby as down as in the above. You may be able to lay down an additional absorbent cloth. Dress the bodice of your child and make the romper loose. Make the diaper free and slide the diaper determine what lasting away from the lien.Til then your baby a little on the feet and remove the diaper from under the buttocks, but keep holding your child. Make fast with the wet wipes clean the buttocks. When plaque poop is easier to use water with washcloths. If the buttocks are clean, you can put your child again, and the rest go clean. Also for sweeping behind. And in boys again remember under the penis. Is your baby clean, then a clean nappy there may.

To prevent odors from the garbage, put the diaper in a diaper bag and then into the bin.

Leaked diaper

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Each parent will sometimes bring a diaper leaked. Annoying, but unfortunately do nothing. A leaked puddle diaper is just off clothes, washcloth across the bodice, clean diaper and clean clothes on and ready.

But a leaked bowel movement is something else, but there is a trick for. In general, most relief will sit in the romper. First, pull off the outer clothing. If your child can sit all, let listen, if not your child leave lying on the side. Make the proper loose and roll it inwards on. This will prevent the stool is more spread out. Roll through the armies. Remove the troops their sleeves and pull the romper on its head off. Now get out as the worst stool away with water and a washcloth. Put your baby again on his back and continued the change as above. Or your child may also only just stop bath. But if the move this is, of course, not possible. Then, the use of a lot of wet wipes is the only solution.

Red / broken legs

Red and cut buttocks with you baby painful. The best remedy is frequently changing and not wait too long with a bowel movement. The stool is often acidic, and this makes the child’s buttocks broken. But also more urine at the bottom makes the skin very sensitive. If your child now still suffer from red / broken legs, be even more careful cleaning. More than dabbing sweep. After the buttocks clean a big lick zinc ointment or cream so smear on it. This allows for a faster healing of the skin, and there is a protective coating is applied to the skin and diaper.

Other tips

  • Do, especially with small children, comfortable and easy to put on and take off your clothes.
  • Do not wait too long to change, so you avoid red / broken legs.
  • Change your baby with an extremely leaked diaper Couple (if possible)
  • For larger children. Suffer your child off (with a toy or a game) while changing. So you have less and less dirty diaper