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Laser Rangefinder Vs GPS Golf Watch

 A laser meter or a GPS golf watch?

When we talk about buying a golf distance meter, we are already talking about bigger words. It is the perfect gift for middle or advanced players, or for those who want to learn how to profit and study their blows better.

In this post we are going to address one of the questions that are asked by golf players looking for a distance gauge for golf. Traditional laser meter (Bushnell type) or GPS watch (Garmin golf watches).

This issue can only be resolved by looking at the needs and abilities of the person who will be using the product.

There are advantages in both formats and here we will try to explain them.

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Advantages of a Laser Rangefinder

  • Exactness: A laser rangefinder will give you the exact distance to any target that is defined (reach hundreds of meters). It is very precise, until you can discern the types of objectives: identify the flag among a group of trees, for example.
  • Easy to use: There is not much to learn in a conventional laser meter. The addresses cost nothing to read and after a few games the device will be mastered.
  • Battery: The battery of these products will last for about a year, with a frequency of 4/5 sets per month.
  • No need for updating
  • Zoom: Although there are voices against the use of zoom in distance meters, there are opinions for everything. When deciding for a meter, analyze the level of expansion, since you have to keep in mind that not only you get a better vision but it becomes easier to aim at the green.

Disadvantages of a golf distance meter

  • Terrain: If you cannot see the target, there is no meter that counts. Experience tells us that this is an uncommon circumstance, but when it appears, it can become a big problem.
  • Aiming at the wrong target: Although as we have already mentioned, the best golf meters (such as Bushnell or Nikon) already incorporate the most advanced technology and it is increasingly difficult to confuse the objective, there is still a small difficulty. Although we tell you that after a few uses, this will become completely mastered.
  • Stability problems: Using the meter requires some pulse and stability, although as in the previous point, you will get to master with the use.

Advantages of Golf GPS Watches


  • Much lighter and comfortable, and no stability problems.
  • Distances to targets not seen: All GPS watches can give you distance to targets that cannot be seen. Many of them already include areas, but keep in mind that the most basic clocks will tell you the distance to the beginning, end and half of the green.Hole mapping: We refer to GPS clocks with field maps and holes as complete. If you find yourself in a hole that is familiar to you, it can always be interesting to know the course map. The basic models do not pick it up.
  • Although as all players will tell you, in golf it is more important to study the field and to follow the sensations, to have certain backup in the clock always is a favor point to optimize our blows.
  • Other data: Many GPS meters already have many other data that are very interesting: distances of shot, meters walked, and many statistics. These features are fun and useful, but it is also advisable to focus on the game and use them sparingly.

Disadvantages of a GPS golf watch

  • Accuracy: Although all GPS does a decent job with measurements, they are not as good or as accurate as laser meters. Clouds, trees or any other element can interfere with the reception of the satellites, against the constant precision of the traditional meter.
  • Distance to the flag
  • Updates: Many holes preloaded, but need updates. Some include the need to register online to start using the meter.
  • Greater learning curve: they have many more functionalities, which is also more difficult to get the maximum potential.
  • The battery lasts less than laser meters.
  • Garmin is the benchmark. The best Garmin GPS watches are a product of a very notorious quality. Its latest model, the Garmin S6 is a brown beast that marks differences.