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Laser Golf Rangefinder Purchasing Criteria

Buying a best laser golf rangefinder for the money can no longer rely on the estimate to evaluate the distance to a flag, an obstacle, a water arm or the bunker. With a golf rangefinder, just aim and click, then the distance instantly appears on the screen. One can thus better prepare his strike by measuring the force necessary to jump over all kinds of obstacles. But the choice of the best golf rangefinder to buy is essential.

On the one hand, to be in order in relation to the regulations of the championship to play and on the other hand to benefit from a better ease and practical of use. The difficulty lies also in the large number of models manufactured by various brands and put on sale in the market. It is therefore essential to take stock of the various possible choices, but especially on the most reputable models of the moment.

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To make the right choice of golf rangefinder to acquire, several criteria must be considered. Among other things, the weight and dimensions of the device are to be carefully chosen, to enjoy good maneuverability. As for its performances, it is also necessary to read the characteristics defined by the manufacturer or the seller. For example, the range and field of view, lens type, and magnification of the zoom are among the technological criteria to be taken into account.

Other characteristics, such as the hull sealing standards or the level of protection against shocks, should also be borne in mind. And for better use during your golf games, it is also advisable to opt for laser golf rangefinder models that feature clear and precise cross hairs and point-of-sight.

For your information, the reticle can be in the form of a cross, a dot or a circle, as in the case of a camera. It is visible and is put forward when the eye reaches the field of vision given by the laser golf rangefinder. Conventional models have, for example, a reticle proposed in the form of a black line, and in this case require good illumination to be clearly visible.

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In the case of a dark day, distinguishing this kind of reticle can be difficult. Less practical, this has impacts on the aim of the target or flag and can distort the distance measurement. You can also opt for models that come with a reticle made of LED light, which can be too bright and therefore difficult to identify during the night.

Finding a compromise between these two types of reticules is therefore the best thing to do. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, opt for models that offer the first priority function or Pinseeker, which allows both the beginner and the golf professional to make the right choice of club. This feature, part of the latest laser golf rangefinder technology, automatically determines the flag, isolating it from other objects in the field of view. It also measures the distance between the bale and the trees in the background. This extraordinary function can be simple to explain. Indeed, there is theoretically nothing between the golfer and his target. Also, the unit considers only the closest element, which is usually the flag or obstacle targeted.

To better observe the target, the laser golf rangefinder must also be able to be used as binoculars. A zoom function that can range from 4x to 8x is proposed according to the models. And so that you can enjoy a long time of use of your laser golf rangefinder, without it releasing you during the game, it is also paramount to choose a model that proposes with a battery having a good autonomy. The trick is to use a battery or rechargeable batteries, or at least choose a device that consumes the minimum possible charge. On some models, you can also configure some options to consume less. In the worst case, get double your battery or spare batteries.