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How To Choose A Good Softball Bat High Impact

Choosing the right softball bats usually, has little to do with the manufacturer and more to do with the style of batting players. The player’s age, height, weight and overall strength will determine the type of bat you should buy. A bat that suits a player can not be right for another. Choosing a softball bat is a very personal decision and should be related to the individual characteristics of the player. For example, if you play fastpitch game, you need to find a best fastpitch bat.

best softball bats


  1. Determines what type of bat desired. It ‘s hard to get wood bats, as most are aluminum or coated with graphite. Aluminum bats are extremely durable and offer faster because they are very light. Which are coated with graphite they have a wider point of balance, and reduce vibration and the impact on their hands. Your personal preference will determine which creams you buy.
  2. Choose a bat based on your age. The appropriate length of a stick can sometimes be determined by your age. For example, a ten-year-old need a bat 28 to 29 inches, while a person over 17 years should use one 34 inches.
  3. Choose a bat based on your height and weight. The bigger and stronger players must use a heavier bat to benefit from the energy and weight they offer. On the other hand, smaller players prefer a lighter bat to increase their speed to hit.
  4. Choose a bat that feels good to use. It is important to have an idea of the range of bats before buying one. Visit your local sporting goods store to try Bates. Try to use different kinds of bats to decide what you like.

Advantages of A Composite Bat Handle

Easton Composite Brian Wegman USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

The compounds are mixtures of two or more different materials. Baseball bats and softball made of composite materials such as graphite have been in use for several years. Manufacturers have promoted their bats force, derived from aluminum, and the ability to perform well, as a result of the wood component. Stick with a compound handle offers advantages to hitters.

Rolling Weight Control

Adjust the weight rolling a stick is a way to improve the performance of a player. The balance point of the stick determines how easy it is to hit the ball. Bates compounds offer an advantage in this area because breakeven is near the handle.


Bates compounds are typically much lighter than others because they are made of materials such as graphite and fiberglass. Manufacturers have even had to insert metal rods into the compounds sticks to make them feel heavier. The lightweight nature of the composite bat handle also makes it easier to control the swing weight.

Settings flexural strength

The walls and the handle of a conventional bat must be of a certain thickness, or structural integrity will be jeopardized. With composite materials, a manufacturer can reduce resistance to bending, or how much the bat bends, when the player swings, and make it light enough without affecting its performance. This type of composite stick allows players to improve performance by enabling it to bend more.

Trampoline effect

Upon contact, the barrel of the bat acts as a springboard for the ball. This spring action must have the right effect to push the ball forward. Since the elastic properties of composite materials are not the same along parts, bats compounds have an advantage over aluminum. It is possible to make the barrel of a bat is softer compound while maintaining its rigid handle. Construction of aluminum bats, on the other hand, makes it difficult to achieve the right balance so that the barrel is neither too hard nor too soft.


Miken Freak softball bat DST Maxload

Mike launched this stick made of 100 percent carbon fiber R900 in 2011 and served as one of his best innings in history. R900 Carbon fiber outperforms the industry standard with greater force and almost twice the elongation. Slowpitch bat Miken Freak, standing at 34 inches (86.4 cm), comes in three different weights: 26, 27 and 28 oz (738, 765.4 and 793.8 g).

Softball bat Brett Easton Synergy Speed Helmer

Easton designed the bat with the best materials available to ensure top-notch performance at the plate. Synergy speed comes with a full barrel end 12-inch (30.5 cm) which increases the size of the sweet spot and provides greater momentum to the point of impact. This combination has a fundamental role in generating more energy to the batter.