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Choosing A Humidifier For Your Baby

A baby may suffer from respiratory problems if the humidity is high. This is why it is the best to install an air humidifier in the room. Its main functions are to purify the air and to regulate the temperature. A hot or cold air humidifier can be selected depending on the ambient temperature. It is also necessary to check the noise nuisance, especially for models equipped with fans.

best humidifier for baby

Why should I use a baby humidifier?

A baby is very sensitive to the ambient temperature and the humidity level of the air. Poor air quality and high or low temperatures can cause respiratory problems. This is why installing a baby humidifier is a necessity in some homes. Thus, the following points should be checked:

  • The local climate is irregular (tropical or too cold)
  • The room is not sufficiently ventilated.
  • Air quality is not optimal (dust and pollution) If your home has one of these three problems then the baby humidifier is mandatory. Indeed, a respiratory problem in childhood can become a predisposition to asthma or chronic lung infection in adulthood.

Choose between a cold or warm air baby humidifier

There are two types of baby humidifier on the market, namely, hot air or cold air models. Hot air models are suitable for cold temperatures because the ambient humidity will be hot and the reverse is true for cold air models because the humidity will be cold if the climate is too hot. Standard models do not have a purifier that is a parameter to take into account if the room air is polluted. This is particularly the case of dwellings close to the road because dust and pollution will be greater.

How to choose a good humidifier model for baby?

best humidifier for baby

A good baby humidifier has the following features:

  • A nozzle that can be rotated 360 degrees
  • The possibility of regulating the flow
  • The integration of a thermometer and a hygrometer
  • A removable tank
  • An integrated air purifier The nozzle determines the direction of the steam and therefore it must be orientable to point it precisely on the child. The flow of steam must be adjustable, as electric fan models are noisy when walking at their maximum speed. The thermometer measures the temperature and the hygrometer will check the humidity. The tank must be removable and the humidifier must stop automatically when it is empty. Finally, the purifier creates a 100% pure atmosphere.

Different models of baby humidifier

There are two types of baby humidifiers, those that work with a ventilator and those that use ultrasound. The humidifiers

Fans are the cheapest, but their noise can become a problem. Moreover, they require regular maintenance so that they are performing. The ultrasonic model is one of the best even though it is the most expensive on the market. The principle is to use ultrasound to make the water vibrate and microscopic particles will mix with the air.

Another important point to check on baby humidifiers

Is the coverage of their surfaces? Thus, cold air models can ventilate a large area. This is why humidifiers must be preferred with steerable nozzles so that the steam moves to specific parts of the room.

Possible options for baby humidifiers

The most advanced baby humidifier models come with options such as an essential oils container or a scheduler. Essential oils improve the comfort of the child, but one must check that it is not allergic to these oils. Thus, essential oils of vanilla or tangerine create a fragrant atmosphere, without forgetting the active ingredients of oil that will calm agitated children.

The timer can be used to trigger the humidifier at specific times or to set the flow on a given time slot.