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4 Tips To Buy A Cheap Used Cars

Sometimes a cheap used car is just good enough. For example, when you’ve just got your driver’s license, you are still studying, have a car not often needed, or when you just do not have much money.

But unfortunately, a cheap used car does not always buy without risk. Because cheap usually means too old. And former says that the car in his life has already gone through the necessary steps.

That does moreover not necessarily be bad, what the car has been through. Which brings us to buy at the art of a cheap used car: as well as possible for as little money as possible. Here are four tips to make that happen.

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1) Find out which cars offer the best value for money

Modern cars such as the Volkswagen Golf, BMW 3 Series, and Ford Focus continue into old age also used in relation expensive. Such cars you will, therefore, have to ignore when you’re looking for a cheap car.

But not all modern cars prove to be just as inflation-proof. Such as the Renault Twingo, the first series. The Renault Twingo is also a good example of such a jewel, where you’re looking for when you want to buy a cheap used car. For a car should not only be cheap to buy, but they want them for cheap in driving and maintenance. And of course, you also want a reliable transport.

What cars are relatively more inexpensive that you can investigate itself quickly by searching on a website as on cars, for example, 1000 Euros. And then first sort the results by price, and in the sorting by price, sort by year.

This way you can, for example, see very quickly that you sometimes under 1000 Euro already have a car you have from 2001. So hard plummets, the value of some cars.

Then write down these cars, and research you through Google searches like “Fiat Brava experience user experience” what shows the car to be reliable or unreliable. And so you find out what car you the most features for your money.

Remember also that cars in the Netherlands are expensive anyway. So if you speak a little word about the border then have a look at cars, for example, our eastern neighbors. Because not only cheaper, but often better maintained cars in Germany.

2) The higher the mileage, the lower the price

Many car buyers have something against high mileage. Once a car has passed the 200,000 kilometers, the interest in such a car is usually less than even rap.

And thus, such a car, for those who are looking for a cheap used car, just more exciting. Especially when you want to have a car, but not as many rides.

Where you at a car with high mileage is mostly behind have to get, how those kilometers are driven.

Because when a car with high mileage has been driven mostly highway mileage, with usually only had one person as a load, then such a car is significantly less affected than, say, a car that has had to pull a heavily laden trailer almost daily, mainly driven in city traffic has.

Also, it is, of course, important that the maintenance of the vehicle is always carried out neat on time.

3) Not popular does not necessarily mean bad

There will always be cars that few enjoy popularity among buyers of used cars. Where the lack of demand is often due to a damaged reputation.

Alfa Romeo is a good example. It used to rust, why many car buyers with a wide berth walked Alfa Romeo. Later walked car buyers with the same high arc around an Alfa Romeo. But now because of the supposed lack of reliability.

And still, an Alfa Romeo used not very familiar. And you can often for the proverbial apple and an egg, the owner is a magnificent specimen of the Alfa Romeo brand.

Alfa Romeo is the example of a car that is worth to think seriously to find out how it is with the reliability and maintenance of an Alfa Romeo that you would like to have.

And then perhaps turn out that the type Alfa Romeo that you have in mind, so long is unreliable, and that the maintenance costs are not as high as its reputation suggests. Which you sometimes for little money, the lucky owner could be in a lot of cars.

4) Small, economical and inexpensive maintenance is often a costly combination

The Suzuki Alto, Toyota Starlet, the Opel Corsa and Volkswagen Polo. Examples of relatively low, fuel-efficient and maintenance-friendly cars, even though they are over 15 years old, are still expensive in comparison. Merely because they have a reputation for years, that driving it is not expensive. And you have a very reliable means of transportation too.

After more than 15 years is such a car, of course, still small and still not much more than a means of transport. But if the vehicle is then also automatically still frugal and cheap in maintenance, which is to wait and see. Since this is highly dependent on the state of repair of the car.

In other words, a good reputation does not always automatically a good used car. And certainly not cheap.

Again, go for yourself to investigate. Because only if you find the most affordable car for you that best fits your situation.